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What is betterGlass or Acrylic for Your Customized Aquarium!?

What is betterGlass or Acrylic for Your Customized Aquarium!?
Are you trying to choose between a glass or acrylic customized aquarium? We 'd like to to share some info regarding both kinds.


- If the fish tank is under 100 gallons, glass can be cheaper than acrylic. Bear in mind that when you exceed this size, the expense will soar. This is due to the thickness of glass required and possible freight/handling charges.

- Since glass is a great deal more weight than acrylic (7 times the weight!), installment and subsequent moving can be a great deal more expensive.

- Glass can crack. A fallen stone inside the fish tank or a kid whacking it with something sharp can create some glass to crack.

- Glass has a small window tint to it (a faint greenish color), however this color does not yellow like clear acrylic could over time.


- Acrylic is totally clear and has no shade, nevertheless it is much more quickly scraped.

Fish tank maintenance needs to be done really thoroughly, particularly when removing algae.

- An acrylic tank is a great deal stronger than glass and even more versatile. It likewise has no seams, and is much more conveniently drilled into.

- An acrylic tank maintains temperature better as an insulator, which can be great for warm water tropical fish tanks. Nevertheless, it may be an issue for even more fragile reef life.

Both glass and acrylic are similarly capable materials with which to construct your customized fish tank. Still unsure?

Contact Diamond Aquatics at 973-356-4434 and we will be delighted to provide you advice on the ideal option for your aquarium!

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