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Stress-free, mesmerizing, and hypnotizing

Stress-free, mesmerizing, and hypnotizing
Stress-free, mesmerizing, and hypnotizing – these are only a few of the accolades Oggz fans use to describe the fascinating gentle accents. Egg shaped orbs slowly morph colors, adding a novel design aspect to your centerpieces, holiday parties, and home decor. — Tender to the touch, the wireless lights are fun and simple to handle, they'll even be juggled. Oggz remain lit in any lighting situations and are rechargeable with the included base. Colors shift at completely different speeds creating attention-grabbing combos as they chase each other by means of the color spectrum. They can be taken with you, or left lit on the base all the time, safely, using low voltage LEDs that give off no heat. includes a plug-less charging base station much like some cellphone chargers – simply sit the OGGZ on their base with no plugs to plug in to the transportable egg-shaped Oggz. They can be left powered on in the charger, which also capabilities as a display stand, or you possibly can turn each Oggz on or off by the in-built swap in each and take them with you anywhere. They fit nicely in most pockets. There aren't any batteries to change. While usually compared to Lava Lamps our Oggz are safer, transportable, rechargeable, don’t must warm up and usually price less. And so they’re more fun!

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