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Unlimited Online Free Live Streaming Videos

Unlimited Online Free Live Streaming Videos
Streaming Video over the internet is in essence a task that has been occurring for the last ten years. But with the recent updates in technology and broadband being available around the world, only recently is it now considered a top trend for the internet. It's available for everyone to learn and use.

Businesses and organizations, both small and large, are using streaming video for communicating, training, informing, educating, promoting and selling services and products across the internet. One major decision an organization or business must make is what their major use of video on the internet will be for them. This decision is usually the determining factor on whether or not the information is offered on-demand or live.

What Is On-demand Streaming?

On demand means that viewers simply click on a link for that video and actually watch it possibly immediately on the website or as it progressively plays in their media player on their computer. The event that is being exhibited as video actually has happened another time and not necessarily the same day of viewing when doing on-demand.

Many television stations will point out coming live to you from....but this is not really occurring at the time you are watching it. It was taped live and being introduced at a afterwards date. This is referred to as 'simulated live'. When you watch American Idol on television, it states it is live from where ever they are that day, but actually it was taped months back.

What Is Live Streaming?

Live streaming is when it is actually happening at that moment you are watching it. A live stream is shipped to it's viewers within seconds of it happening. Many sports games now are coming 'live' over the internet. They are happening at that exact time.

Events can be streamed live from one facet of the world to the other with high quality viewing. Our company did a stream of a live sporting event in Germany and viewers watched it in Canada, Europe and the United States. It was occurring live at that time, and viewers watched it as it happened.

Corporations are doing live trainings from their headquarters in one country to places of work in other countries - live and on-demand. Universities and Faculties are doing long-distance training of classes live with interaction amongst students and professors from one facet of the world to another. Live streaming is being used in many ways for events around the world. When the new Pope was inducted it was one of the largest live streaming events in the world over the internet.

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